High Traffic Academy Review: Will The Training Work For You?


Update: The discount in no more available.

Have you heard the buzz about High Traffic Academy? There has been a lot of noise about it in the Internet marketing community.

Thousands of people have joined the training program since its launch; and as with almost every much-expected product out there, you may have heard good and bad things about it.

So what is the truth? Can High Traffic Academy training really help you become a super marketer or super affiliate? Can it really help you become a traffic master and conversion expert? How fast can you expect to get results? And most importantly…High Traffic Academy Membership page

Do the strategies and techniques given in the High Traffic Academy actually work?

I’ve done a lot of research on the matter and think I can help you decide on the answer to any questions you might have. Everything I’ve discovered is detailed in the article below.

What Are the Secrets Behind Successful Paid Website Traffic Campaigns?

Did you ever have a bad experience with paid traffic? I did and many affiliates and online marketers have as well.

Once you waste your money on paid traffic sources that don’t convert, you start thinking that “paid traffic just doesn’t work.” You forget about it and return to free methods that usually include SEO, forums, guest blogging, or something else.

But if you follow the most successful marketers and affiliates, who are actually the top earners in the industry, you will see that most of them don’t know much about SEO and they don’t use free traffic methods in their business.

What makes them so successful?

The most important skill they all have in common is that they are masters in getting highly targeted (paid) traffic to their websites and converting that traffic into leads and loyal customers.

They know how to get traffic on demand.

They know the methods and strategies that convert visitors into leads and later into buyers.

They know how to create good lead magnets and how to run successful traffic campaigns.

This is exactly what you can learn inside the High Traffic Academy (HTA). You get training that will show you how to create and run successful campaigns so you can get the best results for your money. You can master the whole process from the perspective of psychology, optimization, and emotion triggers, plus conversion tactics and traffic sources.

High Traffic Academy DiscountWhat is High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy is an online video training platform where marketers, affiliates, small business owners, and business builders can learn how to generate Internet traffic to their websites and conversions on the web.

The platform offers web-based video trainings, tools, resources, events and community to help people become successful online.

HTA was founded in 2011. In 2015 the platform was redesigned and upgraded to version 3.0. New training was added and new mentors have joined. Right now HTA has over 5000 members and is constantly growing.

What can you find Inside High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy 3.0 contains four main training areas:

  • Core Training
  • Elite Mastermind
  • Master Marketer
  • Specialty Products

Core Training

The Core Training is divided into four modules: Capture Mastery, Traffic Mastery, Conversion Mastery, and Advanced Training. Let’s look at each part in more detail.

HTA Core Training

High Traffic Academy Core Training Modules

Capture Mastery (11 videos)

The Capture Mastery module will help you master the skills and strategies that are even more important than the traffic itself.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • The 7-Figure Blueprint: How to position yourself above the competition for maximum results.
  • The Strategy: The psychology and strategies to master the skill of capturing leads.
  • Strategy Examples: Practical examples of strategies that increased sales conversion for one product from 2% to over 15%.
  • Message, Market, Match: How to determine which message for your market will increase the opt-in conversion rate.
  • Creating Your Capture Machine: Explanation for beginners on how to create their own capture machine (landing page).
  • Auto responder & Web Forms: How to set up your auto responder and then integrate it into your landing page.
  • ELPP: Step-by-step video tutorial on how to create landing pages using Easy Landing Page Pro.
  • Lead Pages: Video tutorial on how to create landing pages using Lead Pages.
  • Megaphone: How to create landing pages using Megaphone.
  • Kajabi: How to create landing pages using Kajabi.
  • Tracking & Optimization: Video tutorial on how to track and optimize your campaigns.

Traffic Mastery (12 videos)

The Traffic Mastery module will teach you how to get traffic on demand. You will be introduced to various traffic sources and channels available to marketers. You will learn strategies and tactics to get the best possible traffic to your websites.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Traffic Media X: Specific, tested strategies that the most successful online marketers use to open floodgates of residual traffic from banners.
  • The OPL Method: How to tap into others people list and get highly targeted traffic to your site.
  • Traffic Agencies: How to get high-quality traffic from traffic agencies that have a large lists of subscribers. You can literally “command” up to 50,000+ visitors a day to any site you want.
  • Penny Traffic: How to use the right strategy and approach to get laser-targeted traffic for as low as pennies per visitor.
  • PPC Traffic: How to tap into the power of “underground PPC” and crush it.
  • Mobile Traffic: How mobile will overtake desktop display advertising and how to master mobile traffic generation. You can get visitors for as low as $0.05/visitor.
  • Facebook Traffic X (Beginners): How to get traffic and create a business on Facebook. Designed for beginners.
  • Facebook Traffic X (Pros): Advanced Facebook marketing strategies.
  • Video Traffic: How to create quality videos and get tons of traffic.
  • CPA Traffic Secrets: How to leverage the power of CPA Networks to get unlimited leads.
  • Traffic Amplifier: How to use the re-targeting method that turns 1 visitor into 10 for next to nothing.
  • Traffic Intelligence: How to discover your competition’s traffic sources and uncover new traffic so you will never need to depend on anyone else.

Conversion Mastery (6 videos)

In the Conversion Mastery module, you will learn the strategies and ideas that turn traffic into leads and sales. Vick will show you some very powerful selling psychology strategies and authority building methods.

Here’s the list of videos:

  • The Million Dollar Plan: Strategy, psychology and tactics that will turn leads into customers and sales.
  • Your Invisible Bank Account: Why is your invisible bank account critical for your business and success?
  • The Number One Buying Emotion: How to find and understand the number one buying emotion of your visitors to sell more stuff.
  • The Authority Building Method: How to separate yourself from the competition faster than any other tactic.
  • The Magic Triangle: How to sell without using blogs.
  • List Communication Structure: Vick’s strategies for communicating with his list.

Advanced (8 videos)

In the Advanced module, you will learn more advanced traffic and conversion strategies.

Here’s the list of videos:

  • YouTube Control: How to get massive traffic from YouTube video ads.
  • SEO Domination: Advanced SEO tactics and strategies as explained by a successful SEO expert.
  • Regenerative Traffic Method: Advanced traffic strategies that can build a huge list of subscribers on autopilot–completely for free.
  • The Clickbank Strategy: How to get traffic from Clickbank, one of the world’s biggest digital marketplaces
  • Advanced CPA Traffic Secrets: How to become a successful CPA advertiser by understanding the game.
  • CPA & Income Speedway: Bonus video – introduction to the “money-making” world.
  • Stealthy Sales & Conversion Strategies: The billion-dollar man explains his selling strategies.
  • Invisible Influence & Persuasion: “Under-the-radar” strategies that attract both people & money.

Elite Mastermind

As an Elite Mastermind member of High Traffic Academy 3.0, you get access to many of the tools, training and resources available only to this group. You get access to private live trainings every month with new ideas, new tactics, new methods, and new techniques to uncover the latest strategies for bringing in waves of new, targeted traffic and revenue. Below are some of the benefits to becoming an Elite Mastermind member:

High Traffic Academy Elite members area

Elite Mastermind membership level

  • Private Live Trainings
  • FREE Access to SiteSuite (online tool for building landing pages and other pages)
  • DotCom Reporter
  • Priority Level 1 Support
  • HTA StartUP
  • New Traffic Sources
  • Mission 1000 (How to get 1000 subscribers per month)
  • Elite Monthly
  • Secrete Elite Lab Trainings
  • Seating behind Master Marketers at all Events
  • And much more….

Master Marketer

Master Marketer is offering on three different levels (Basic, Pro and Platinum). This is a place for marketers who want to soar to the top of their game in the online space. It offers you full access at no extra charge to every single specialty program (such as PPC Mastery and others) available in HTA 3.0 that will be released over the term of your membership. You get full access to trainings that are designed to help you become a specialist in your field. Master Marketer is for those who are prepared to focus on a plan to build their businesses. Here are some benefits at this membership level:

  • FREE access to all Speciality Programs in HTA for a year
  • Premium Master Marketer seating at all events
  • Monthly Hot Seat business reviews
  • Premium upgrades and priority support
  • Master Marketer badge
  • FREE access to all HTA annual summits
  • Personal one-on-one private coaching from the owners
  • New tested campaigns to market every month
  • Exclusive luxury retreats with the owners
  • Access to the “Star Group” event
  • And much more….
HTA Master Marketer Levels

High Traffic Academy – Master Marketer Levels

Specialty Programs and Courses

Specialty programs and courses are individual products inside the HTA. You can buy access to each product separately or you can access all programs at once if you become a Master marketer – Platinum member.

Below are the individual courses available right now. More courses will be added in the future.

  • PPC Mastery
  • Retargeting Google Adwords
  • RLSA with Google Adwords
  • Content Marketing 101
  • Facebook Marketing 101
  • YouTube Video PPC
  • Twitter Marketing for Business
  • Email Marketing 101
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Search Engine Optimization 101
  • Retargeting with Adroll
  • Small Biz Playbook
  • Advanced Strategic Marketing
  • Business Mastery

High Traffic Academy 3.0 Tools

HTA 3.0 offers some really amazing, money and time-saving tools.

Easy Landing Page Pro: helps you create unique landing pages so that you separate yourself from the competition. It’s very easy to use.

Tracker123: tracks the number of visitors you send to your landing or sales page. It has also an option to track conversions.

Easy URL Scraper: extremely time-saving tool if you are running PPV campaigns. It automatically collects URLS from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Who can benefit from the High Traffic Academy?

  • People who have the desire to build their first online business and want to learn strategies from some of the top marketers in the world. Each HTA mentor has built at least one successful online business.
  • Newbie affiliates and online marketers who know some basics but have the desire to become the best in their fields. Their vision is to become super affiliates or super marketers and dominate the niche they choose.
  • People who struggle to make money online and want to understand the reasons for their constant failure.
  • Small business owners who want to attract more customers. There are strategies inside HTA of which competitors are not yet aware.
  • Experienced affiliates and online marketers who are aware that they are still not at the top of their game. Some traffic strategies are very new and only a small group of people use them right now. The new, tested methods are constantly added to the member’s area.

Is High Traffic Academy 3.0 for you?

How exactly can the training help?

  • Are your landing pages optimized? Are you satisfied with the conversions? If not, then the Capture Mastery module can help you increase, maybe even double or quadruple, your conversion results. When you understand the “science behind” successful landing pages, you will know what tweak to make to increase conversions very fast. You will know how to get more subscribers for the same amount. It’s quite possible that right now you are wasting money on your landing pages because you don’t know how to optimize them.
  • Do you know how to get quality, targeted traffic on demand? The Traffic Mastery module will show you proven and tested methods. You will master banner ads, ppc, ppv, Facebook marketing, video marketing, and much more.
  • Are you struggling to turn traffic into leads and leads into sales, whether you are selling affiliate products or your own? In the Conversion Mastery module, you will discover the strategies, tactics and psychology that will help you separate yourself from the competition and build trust with your list. You will learn how to turn potential customers into loyal customers.
  • Do you want to master Goggle AdWords, YouTube marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO? You can find advanced trainings about these topics in the specialty products and courses.

Pros and Cons of HTA 3.0

Here’s what you may like or dislike about High Traffic Academy 3.0

The Bad Points

  • Basic training on SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Video marketing, Content marketing and Email marketing could be added into the Core Training modules instead offered only as individual courses. In my opinion, newbies should have access to the basics of these topics immediately after they buy the main course. The Core Training module is focused mostly on mastering conversion and traffic, which is great because this is the most important part of becoming successful online; but right now, beginners have no access to the topics mentioned above if they buy only the Core HTA training. Maybe they will change this in the near future, because HTA is growing very fast and they are adding new content constantly every week. We will see what happens.
  • You need money so that you can start implementing some of the strategies in your business. I’m mentioning this here because I know that some people don’t like the idea of spending more after buying a product. Before you invest in HTA, you must know that you will need to spend money to make money. You will spend the most on the paid traffic sources, which can cost you from $5-$1,000. You will start with a small investment first, and after some initial tests and results, you can scale. You also might not like one of the traffic sources in which the initial payment is $1000 to start running campaigns. Again, I’m mentioning this only because some people probably don’t expect this and might be disappointed later. However, there are more than enough other, cheaper traffic sources that can bring you tons of targeted traffic.
  • The latest, proven, tested (and to most marketers unavailable traffic methods) are available only to Elite Mastermind members. Elite membership costs $297/month. Most people just starting online will probably not be able to afford to spend this much, and thus they won’t get access to the latest traffic methods and analysis. One of the reasons that the ELITE level is so expensive is that they spend over $100,000/month to find and test the latest, best advertising techniques and profitable traffic methods.

The Good Points

  • All the training is of high quality. Methods, ideas, and strategies are detailed and explained in the step-by-step video tutorials. The courses don’t include just theories, but tested and proven methods that actually work. HTA mentors are personally using the methods about which they teach in their online businesses.
  • You get access to some very powerful software that can save you tons of time. You can build your own, unique, landing pages in minutes, use a simple tool to track visitors and conversions, or activate the URL Scraper that can save you hundreds of hours.
  • No matter whether you are newbie or experienced marketer, you will get a lot of “aha moments” inside the training area. There is a great deal of content inside that will give you new ideas for improvements as well as new projects.
  • Practical examples and case studies from top earners in the Internet marketing industry.
  • Access to live webinars about the latest “what works now” online marketing strategies.
  • A lot of money is spent on testing and analysis. Then the latest strategies that work for them are shared with you. This way, you save thousands of dollars because the expensive testing has already been done.
  • Top level coaches teach the strategies that work in their businesses. All are successful online entrepreneurs.
  • A community of marketers and affiliates who help each other. You can meet new business partners and friends or join some new projects.


You can find some of the testimonials on this page

How much does High Traffic Academy cost?

With the old HTA version you had only two options. You could buy the Core training and then upgrade to the Elite. But since the latest update to the version 3.0, things have changed.

Right now you have these options:

  • You can buy the Core Training at the regular price of $1,997/year, but you can save $1,500 or $1,000 if you join through a 75% or 50% discount link. In this case, you will pay only $497/year or $997/year.
  • Elite Mastermind level is $297/month
  • Master Marketer has 3 levels.
    • Basic – $2,995
    • Pro – $5,995
    • Platinum – $15,995
  • Specialty Products (15 products in the moment) from $197 -$497

For each level or individual course, you are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

High Traffic Academy Discount

Are there any additional costs?

You will need to have your own domain name, web hosting, and autoresponder. The approximate cost for this is $20/month.

Some tools recommended inside HTA can help you save time and also money in the long run. They are not crucial and you can build your online business without them.

The most money from your budget will go for the area of web traffic. It is very important that you create optimized landing pages for the best possible conversions, otherwise you will be wasting your money. You will learn how to do it in the Core Training (Capture Mastery module).

The traffic sources mentioned in the training will cost you anywhere from $5 to $1,000/campaign. For every traffic source, you have full control over your traffic cost. Start small, test the traffic, and add more money if the results are good.

How do you get my High Traffic Academy bonus?

The bonus is offered only through this High Traffic Academy review page. I have prepared some great bonuses, and maybe you can even join HTA through the 75% discount link. You can read more about this on the bonus page.

FAQ about the High Traffic Academy

If this high traffic academy review didn’t answer all your questions, please check the FAQ page or leave a comment below.

Last word

So we come to the end of this High Traffic Academy review for the latest version 3.0. I hope you found answers to all of your pressing questions. I know that nowadays it is hard to separate good products from bad until you buy them.

If you look past all the hype you might find on the Internet about this product, what you have is a quality training platform that can help you build a successful online business. If you take action, you will be able to reap great results.

Comments, questions or suggestions…

I really wish you a lot of success with your online business. I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below, ask a question, or let me know what you think.

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9 thoughts on “High Traffic Academy Review: Will The Training Work For You?

  1. lyn

    Great review, very helpful.
    My main question is if you’re someone like myself who’s starting at ‘ground zero’, and you don’t have a product, niche, website, auto-responder, money…but you really see the potential for success pursuing this endeavor, how, or would you recommend getting starting with HTA?
    Looking forward to your response.

    Lyn M.

    1. Dejan Post author


      They (HTA) are adding new training into the main training area. It is called “Project Breakthrough”. The training is designed for total newbies and shows you how to set up all the basic things that you are mentioning (how to setup autoresponder, website, selecting offer, etc.). I would recommend you to start with that training and go through all the modules. It’s very comprehensive training with all the details.

      The main goal of the Project Breakthrough is to teach you (and show you) how to get your first commission online and how to do it again so that you can build your own online business as an affiliate marketer.

      1. Michael Fonseca

        Thanks for the reply to Lyn’s question above. My question is on similar lines. Considering I’m starting out and do not have a website or a product to promote, I’d like to promote click bank products and make enough money to be able to do this as a full time business.
        My questions is, should I enrolled for the core training with HTA or should I only go for the Project breakthrough course first. Keeping in mind what my first goal is (making money selling click bank products), which course would you advice me to get? There are so many courses in HTA that at this point, that I’m confused and could use your guidance. Your help would be much appreciated.

        1. Dejan Post author


          Right now the Project Breakthrough is part of the core HTA training. If you buy the core training you get also access to PB.

          1. Randy Anderson

            Michael and Iyn,
            You can sign up for Project Breakthrough completely free, there’s no need to purchase ANYTHING from HTA (High Traffic Academy).
            I’m currently going through the program myself and haven’t paid a dime. The only REAL issue you’re going to run into is the same issue I’ve run into, and that is being able to afford the following:
            Funnel Builder
            E-Mail Auto-Responder
            Traffic Analyzer
            and a Spy and Optimization System.

            They give links to one of each (they’re only 14 Free Trials) with the exception of the Funnel Builder they tell you to use. The funnel builder they tell you to use REQUIRES an HTA ELITE ACCOUNT to access, at the cost of $297/MONTH!

            Hope this helps!

          2. Dejan Post author

            Hi Randy

            Thanks for your comment.

            Yes, Project Breakthrough is now (since February 9) available to everyone for free. You don’t need to become HTA member to get access to PB anymore.

  2. Edward

    I was wondering if purchasing the Elite Mastermind for 297/month is giving you access to all of the core training as well ? Or do you have to purchase the core training seperatly? Shoot me an email letting me know please!!

  3. boniface

    Great review, very helpful.
    My main question is, what is the very first step that I should start in high traffic academy that will help me to more forward as a beginner.
    Looking forward to your response.


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