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Hey, thanks for checking out  my site! For those of you who are interested in who I am, I wanted  to share a brief portion of my personal online marketing story .

My name’s Dejan Cerv and I started to learn about online marketing in 2011. I lost my job at that time and I  was searching for ways to make  money.  I found out that a lot of people make money from home by selling products and services online. At that time, I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing, selling online  or how  I could use these opportunities to earn some money.


So, I started to search the internet for some training material that would teach me  what I needed to know.  I still remember the first “Get Rich Quick E-book” that I got from an online marketer (his free gift), that promised how easy it is to make money online and get big Clickbank checks sent to your  home.

I was a very naive  “newbie marketer” and I followed the steps mentioned in that book, which, of course, didn’t bring any results. I discovered that affiliate marketing wasn’t as easy as  the “get rich” book  had made it seem . I realized that for quality training I would have to pay, so I did.

At that time, I got a new job and started to invest all my money  in  books, video courses, and memberships to learn and master the skills of a successful online marketer. I spent  hundreds (rather thousands) of dollars, and yes, I did start earning some money, but that success was very short  lived.

After months of learning, buying training materials, and implementing that knowledge into my work, I also realized that  expensive products that promised miracles aren’t the guarantee that you will get quality training.

For a while, I stopped doing anything on the internet. I needed to “reset my brain” because I had  fallen into the “information overload” trap.

To make the story short, I failed many times, was scammed, learned from fake gurus and experienced many disappointments, but I really liked online marketing and that’s why I never had a big urge to give  up on online marketing. I developed a positive attitude, which is an important part of online success.

So why did I make a site about High Traffic Academy 2.0?

Each year there  is  thousands of new products available in the online marketing community that are teaching people how to make money online, make  more sales, build lists, get traffic and so on. But very few of them actually over deliver with quality (proven and tested) material. You can probably count them on the fingers of one hand.

It might sound bold statement, but High Traffic Academy is one of these high-quality products. I wouldn’t dare say something like this if I wouldn’t have seen the product myself and compared it with my previous experiences from different products that I bought in the last four years.

I can only begin to imagine how much  some people can  benefit from this product. Affiliates, small business owners, online marketers and people who want to create an online business, all of them can learn the most advanced and tested online marketing strategies that bring extraordinary results.

Which brings us to this site: This is the first ‘product focused information site’ I’ve ever made. The product is called High Traffic Academy.

Why? Well, there are 3 main reasons:

1.    I wanted to explore a different way of making money online, so I decided to test what kind of results I can get if I dedicate the entire site to one product and optimize it with my poor SEO knowledge. Hopefully, if you’ve found my reviews useful, you’ll be kind enough to buy through my links.  I’d really appreciate it. But it’s not just the money I may or may not make, because…

2.    HTA is a product I would immediately recommend to my best friend if he were to start building his own online business  at this very moment. If I would have had access to this kind of training on the first day of my “online marketing career”, it would have saved me at least 2 years of struggle, disappointment, money and most importantly,  time. I really don’t want others to  take the same path as I did, that’s why I want as many people who want to make money online and create their own online business, to get access to such a training as soon as possible. Just learning will, of course, bring no results, but taking action and using this knowledge in your work can make you a very successful online marketer.

3.    I wanted to give answers to all questions about HTA. There is a lot of misleading information about this product on the internet. People don’t know what to expect,  or know what is the truth  or a lie. As a member (and Certified Partner ) of HTA, I have access to the content inside the members area, so I can answer almost all of  the  questions you might have. I don’t like when someone claims that this product is a scam, but when you ask him if he actually bought the product and tried it, he doesn’t respond or  says that he doesn’t  need to buy the product to know if it is really a scam or not. I will share with you what kind of training is inside and then you will have a clear picture to see for yourself if this product delivers what was promised or not.

High Traffic Academy is a product I truly believe in.  If you look past all the hype that you  find on the internet about this product, what you have here is a comprehensive package that completely over delivers, an almost sure way for any affiliate and internet marketer to make money.

Those who will take action will eventually succeed.

If you have any questions and if you think that I can help you somehow, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I usually respond within 24 hours.

To your success,



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    1. Dejan Post author

      Hi Paula

      I’m from Slovenia. If you have any questions about HTA please contact me through this page. This is the fastest way for me to respond to your questions about HTA. I usually respond within 24 hours.


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