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    1. Dejan Post author

      Hi Joey

      Thanks for contacting me.

      Right now, ELPP is available only to HTA members. You can become a member and save 75% through one of these two links:

      Besides ELPP you get also two other tools; Easy URL Scraper for collecting links and Tracker123 for tracking visitors.

      I hope this helps. If you have some other questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

    2. Bernadette Sharp

      I am an elite member and IM on day 6 of the 14 day training programme and have a click promise account but I do not know how to set it all up to get to site suite and join that I real do not know I need someone to do it for me.SO if I give you my click promise email address and password will you be willing to do it for me Please as I cant move on until that is done

      1. Dejan Post author

        Hi Bernadette

        I would be glad to help you, but I’m not allowed to use someone else email and password on Clickpomise. I would break the rules and would probably lose also my account.

        Clickpromise has a great support team and they will help you out. Here is their support email :

        What exactly would you need? Setting up landing page as it is shown in PB or activating campaign in CP (ClickPromise)?

    1. Dejan Post author

      You can access SiteSuite through your Elite members area.
      Login to your HTA account. Go to Elite Mastermind group and under the “Programs in this Group” you will see SiteSuite tab. Click on it and then scroll down to the button of that page. You will see the login link with your login details. If you didn’t create your SiteSuite account yet, than create one.

      You can contact also HTA support team. As an elite you have access to Elite support. They respond within hours. Usually in less than 12 hours.

      They will be glad to help you. I hope this helps…

      Best, Dejan

  1. Tom

    I am from Poland. Me interest this system. But i watched already video and other. i can ‘t find any link to download program easy landing page pro.
    Sorry for my english.

    With Best Regards


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