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The Easy URL Scraper is another amazing online tool available inside High Traffic Academy 2.0. This online software can collect hundreds of links from top search engines in seconds. It saves you hundreds of hours of work, so that you don’t need to collect all the URLs manually.

If you are asking yourself why would you need to collect  URLs from top search engines or what is the use of it, here’s the short explanation:

You can get targeted traffic to your website from various sources. For some traffic sources, you need to collect URLs from top search engine results and then you use those URLs in your CPV traffic campaigns.

In one of the traffic methods inside High Traffic Academy 2.0 (Penny Traffic), you can learn how to get traffic from top position websites on Google for pennies. But to get there, you need to collect all the URLs  that you can find in the top results. That’s when the Easy URL Scraper becomes extremely handy in your “online tools arsenal”.

Easy URL  Scraper Tutorial

Easy URL Scraper is  a super easy online tool to use and because of that, this is probably my shortest tutorial that I have ever written. 🙂

First, you type in your keyword.

Then you select  which search engine you want to collect links from. You usually want the links from all top search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

In the third step, you select how many URL’s you want to scrap and then click the orange button “Grab URLs”.

Easy Url Scraper

Easy Url Scraper Interface

Easy URL Scraper now starts doing his magic. It will automatically collect  all the top URLs from search engines. The results will show up in the field “Results”. You will be able to copy them and paste them either in your notepad or excel file, and later use them in your campaigns.

You can then use these URLs to get highly targeted traffic to your website. If you do every step correctly (from using the right keywords, collecting URLs and setting up the campaign), then you will be able to get website traffic from Google’s top results for literally pennies. The whole traffic method is explained inside HTA 2.0.

Who can benefit from Easy URL Scraper?

This tool will come in very handy to affiliates, internet marketers and people who need a lot of links from top search engine results to use  in their CPV campaigns. A lot of SEO’s probably don’t know abut this tool and how it helps some marketers “steal” traffic from their top positioned websites.

People who implement HTA 2.0 Penny Traffic in their work can get targeted traffic from top Google results for pennies.

The Bad Points

  1. You can get some duplicate results that are not automatically removed. However, you can use some free online tools that will remove duplicate URLs automatically.

The Good Points

  1. This tool saves you hundreds of hours. Imagine how much time  you would spend to collect all the URLs manually from the top ten pages on Google , Yahoo and Bing. You can get in seconds what you would do for hours without this tool.
  2. Extremely easy to use.
  3. Reliable results (only the best  URLs from top search engine results).

Last Word

The Easy URL Scraper will save you hundreds of hours. It will be your hardest working assistant and bring you quality results (URLs) which you can use for your campaigns to get highly targeted traffic to your websites.

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If you have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.

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Easy Url Scraper

Included in HTA 2.0
Easy Url Scraper

Simple interface


    Video Tutorial


      Duplicate results are not removed



        • Extremely easy to use
        • Reliable results
        • Huge time saver


        • doesn't remove duplicate results

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            Easy Url Scraper is available only to HTA members.

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            If you are interested, here is the pre-launch link with free training. This page will then lead you to the discount link.

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