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Update: Please read the latest, updated High Traffic Academy review here

If you have been searching  on the internet for some of the best training on how to drive traffic to your website and how to build a responsive and loyal list of subscribers, then you have probably heard a lot of noise about the product High Traffic Academy and its owner Vick Strizeheus.

In this comprehensive High Traffic Academy 2 Review, I want to show you what is inside the program. I will answer  the most common questions and share with you all the important details that will help you to decide whether this product is a good investment to help you grow your business or not.

I will also show you how you can get my HTA 2.0 bonus pack.

This article covers quite a lot of details about High Traffic Academy 2 and is, therefore, a long read. Check out the table of contents below for some quick jumping around.

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Table of Contents

–    What is High Traffic Academy?
–    What is the difference between HTA 1 and HTA 2?
–    The Secrets Behind Successful Paid Website Traffic Campaigns
–    What can you find inside High Traffic Academy?
–    High Traffic Academy Tools
–    Who can benefit from High Traffic Academy?
–    Is High Traffic Academy 2.0 for you?
–    Pros and Cons of High Traffic Academy 2.0
–    How much does High Traffic Academy cost?
–    Are there any additional costs?
–    How  do you get my High Traffic Academy 2.0 bonus?
–    FAQ about High Traffic Academy

What is High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy is an online video training program where affiliates, small business owners, and business builders can learn how to drive targeted traffic to their websites, landing pages and sales pages. The program also shows how to maximize conversion results and how to successfully convert subscribers into customers.

I recently saw a webinar from Vick Strizheus about High Traffic Academy 2.0 where he said that his training will open the eyes of a lot of people who want to build their online business from the ground up.

In High Traffic Academy, you will find advertising sources that will drive to your website targeted, responsive visitors who actually have a desire to buy whatever products you promote. The advertising sources are tested by Vick itself. He invests over $100,000 each month to find and test all his paid traffic strategies.

HTA 2.0 includes also all modules that were available  for Vick’s previous product named Internet Traffic Formula.

What is the difference between HTA 1 and HTA 2?

High Traffic Academy 2 is an updated version of the original High Traffic Academy 1. All training was updated and also more training from the previously mentioned Internet Traffic Formula was added  to it.

The development stage from HTA 1 is now replaced and updated with much more advanced content. In HTA 2, it is called Capture Mastery  training.

Old and new high traffic academy inteface

High Traffic Academy 2.0 members area: New design + more updated training.


In HTA 1, we could see some training from Frank Kern about list control, which is no longer available in HTA 2. Don’t worry, Vick prepared his own training about the same topic (how to establish good relationships within your list) so that you will be able to learn best strategies to convert  leads into sales.

The Secrets Behind Successful Paid Website Traffic Campaigns

Many affiliates and online marketers, including myself, have had bad experiences with paid traffic. Therefore, many of them would rather get traffic from free sources like search engines, forums, blogs, etc.

But if you look at most successful online marketers and affiliates, who are making the most money on the internet, very few of them know anything about SEO or other free traffic methods.

What they have mastered is that they know how to get laser targeted (paid) traffic to their websites any time they want.  They also know what they must do so that their traffic will convert extremely well into leads  and later into buyers.

They know how to run successful traffic campaigns and what a good lead magnet looks like.

Inside High Traffic Academy, you can learn how to create and run successful campaigns so that you can get the best results for your money. Vick is showing the whole process from psychology, optimization, emotion triggers, conversion tactics and traffic sources which will help you build a bigger list and make you more sales for the same amount of money that you spend on traffic.

What can you find Inside High Traffic Academy 2.0?

High Traffic Academy 2.0 contains two main training areas:

  • Core training and
  • Elite level.

The core training is divided into four parts: Capture Mastery, Traffic Mastery, Conversion Mastery, and Advanced Training.

Let’s look at each part in more detail.

1.    Capture mastery (11 modules)

Here’s what you will learn in High Traffic Academy Capture mastery training:

  • How to monetize your online business
  • What are the first three core components for successful online businesses?
  • What is the first, and biggest mistake that most newbie affiliates and online marketers do and how does that prevent them from making  money online?
  • How to strategically create your capture mechanism
  • How to use some online tools to create your own capture mechanism
  • How to increase your landing page conversion rate.
  • And much more.
HTA2: Capture Mastery

High Traffic Academy: Capture mastery members area.

Capture mastery will explain you why you are wasting money if you are sending traffic to  an unoptimized landing page. You will learn how to double or even quadruple your opt-in conversion rate.

Here is the list of all modules included in this core part:

  1. The 7-Figure Blueprint: How to position yourself above the competition for maximum results.
  2. The Strategy: The psychology and strategies to master the skill of capturing leads.
  3. Strategy Examples: Practical examples of strategies that increased sales conversion for one product from 2% to over 15%.
  4. Message, Market, Match: How to determine which message for your market will increase your opt-in conversion rate.
  5. Creating Your Capture Machine: Explanation for beginners on how to create their own capture machine (landing page).
  6. Auto responder & Web Forms: How to set up your auto responder and then integrate it into your landing page.
  7. ELPP: Step by step video tutorial on how to create landing pages using Easy Landing Page Pro.
  8. Lead Pages: Video tutorial on how to create landing pages using Lead Pages.
  9. Megaphone: How to create landing pages using Megaphone.
  10. Kajabi: How to create landing pages using Kajabi.
  11. Tracking & Optimization: Video tutorial on how to track and optimize your campaigns.


2.    Traffic Mastery (12 Modules)

In this second core part your traffic worries will end. Sounds great, right? You will have access to over 12 tested traffic strategies that will teach you how to get website traffic to your website on demand. Some of these strategies were already in the old version of HTA, but now they are  updated, plus new methods are added.

HTA 2.0 - Traffic Mastery

Traffic Mastery modules in High Traffic Academy 2.0

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Traffic Media X: Specific, tested strategies that the most successful online marketers use to open floodgates of residual traffic from banners.
  2. The OPL Method: How to tap into others people list and get highly targeted traffic to your site.
  3. Traffic Agencies: How to get high-quality traffic from traffic agencies that have large lists of subscribers. You can literally “command” up to 50,000+ visitors a day to any site you want.
  4. Penny Traffic: How to use the right strategy and approach to get laser targeted traffic for as low as pennies per visitor.
  5. PPC Traffic: How to tap into the power of “underground PPC” and crush it.
  6. Mobile Traffic: How mobile will overtake desktop display advertising and how to master mobile traffic generation. You can get visitors for as low as $0.05/visitor.
  7. Facebook Traffic X (Beginners): How to get traffic and create a business on Facebook. Designed for beginners.
  8. Facebook Traffic X (Pros): Advanced Facebook marketing strategies.
  9. Video Traffic: How to create quality videos and get tons of traffic from them.
  10. CPA Traffic Secrets: How to leverage the power of CPA Networks to get unlimited leads.
  11. Traffic Amplifier: How to use the re-targeting  method that turns 1 visitor into 10 for almost next to nothing.
  12. Traffic Intelligence: How to discover your competitions traffic sources and uncover new traffic so you will never need to depend on anyone else.


3.    Conversion Mastery (6 modules)

Conversion Mastery is the third core HTA 2 training and it includes 6 modules which will teach you strategies and ideas on how to turn traffic into leads, and leads into customers. In this part you will learn some selling psychology strategies and authority building methods.

Hta 2.0 - Conversion Mastery

High Traffic Academy 2.0: Conversion Mastery

  1. The Million Dollar Plan: Psychology, strategy and tactics that will turn leads into customers and sales.
  2. Your Invisible Bank Account: Why is your invisible bank account critical for your business and success?
  3. The Number One Buying Emotion: How to find and understand the number one buying emotion of your visitors to sell more stuff.
  4. The Authority Building Method: How to separate yourself from the competition faster than anything else.
  5. The Magic Triangle: How to sell without  using blogs.
  6. List Communication Structure: Vick’s strategies for communicating with his list.


4.    Advanced (8 modules)

Advanced training is the fourth part of HTA 2 core training. It includes more advanced paid traffic strategies and also one advanced module on SEO.

Hta 2.0 - Advanced

High Traffic Academy 2.0: Advanced core training

  1. YouTube Control: How to get massive traffic from YouTube video ads.
  2. SEO Domination: Advanced SEO tactics and strategies as explained by a successful SEO expert.
  3. Regenerative Traffic Method: Advanced traffic strategies  that can build  a huge list of subscribers on autopilot completely for free.
  4. The Clickbank Strategy: How to get traffic from Clickbank, one of the world’s biggest digital marketplaces
  5. Advanced CPA Traffic Secrets: How to become a successful CPA advertiser by understanding their game.
  6. CPA & Income Speedway: Bonus video – introduction to the  “money-making” world.
  7. Stealthy Sales & Conversion Strategies: The Billion-Dollar man explains his selling strategies.
  8. Invisible Influence & Persuasion: “Under-the-radar” strategies that attract both people & money.


HTA 2.0 Elite level

Elite level is the second main training area in High Traffic Academy and includes even more advanced training for people who want to become top (1%) earners in online business. Vick Stritzheus is one of the top earners in the internet marketing industry and in HTA 2.0 ELITE level, he is sharing all his knowledge on how to achieve the same status.

You can try Elite for $1 (trial) for the first month, then the price is $297/month.

Elite level is only for serious people and entrepreneurs who want to bring their businesses to the next level and get access to the latest tested and paid traffic strategies. This level is not for people who want to earn quick bucks, but for those who want to build a long-lasting business online.

Hta 2.0 - Elite

High Traffic Academy: Elite level

Here’s the list of modules inside Elite level:

  1. Elite Monthly: Monthly updated training episodes by Vick about his latest “traffic experiments”. It includes Vick’ personal traffic sources, advanced video PPC training, social PPC and much more.
  2. Ask Vick anything: You have an opportunity to ask Vick anything related to website traffic, internet marketing, branding, business, etc.
  3. Traffic Lab: The latest traffic case studies for which Vick spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on tests and research.
  4. Live Trainings: This is the place where you will attend all live “Elite” webinars and access all the recorded events and live trainings.
  5. The Vault: Vick’s personal top secret tools & resources he uses to crush any promotion.
  6. The $4MM Campaign Swipe: (no content added yet)
  7. Click Funnels  (Sales Funnels That Convert): how to setup click funnels through HTA 2.0 Elite (can change, available right now before the launch)
  8. Regenerative Traffic Machine: This area is reserved for 3-star members or higher. I can’t see the content yet.
  9. Done For You Services: Available to 3-star members (I’m not there yet).
  10. Data Center & Mailing System: Available to 3-star members (I’m not there yet).
  11. Elite Community – Connect with the best:  Not yet available.
  12. Elite Support: Faster support response.


High Traffic Academy tools

HTA 2.0 includes three huge time-saving and money -saving tools.

High Traffic Academy tools

High Traffic Academy 2.0 Tools

Easy Landing Page Pro (3 different versions): Helps you easily create astonishing landing pages, which will help you to separate yourself from the competition.

Tracker123: Tracks the  number of unique visitors to your landing pages and sales pages. It also shows you  conversion results.

Easy URL Scraper: This tool can save you hundreds of hours when creating PPV campaigns. It automatically collects URLS from search engines like Google, Bing,  and Yahoo.

Who can benefit from High Traffic Academy?

New affiliates and online marketers who are just starting to create their online business can get high- quality training which covers all important areas needed to establish a successful online business.

People who struggle to make money online can learn the strategies that the best online marketers are using to build a successful online business.

Small business owners who want more exposure on the internet for their business can learn advanced techniques to successfully promote their business on the internet.

Experienced affiliates and online marketers who are not satisfied with their conversion results on landing pages and sales pages can learn how to double or even quadruple their conversion results.

Is High Traffic Academy 2.0 for you?

I hope that the details I shared with you so far about High Traffic Academy have already helped you  to decide whether  this product is a good investment for you or not. But if you are still not sure if this product can help you or your business, here’s my recommendation:

If your landing pages don’t convert very well, then the Capture Mastery training inside HTA 2.0 can help you double or even quadruple your conversion results. At least you will understand “the science” behind successful landing pages. It is great to know how to get more subscribers for the same amount of money. You might be shocked to learn how much money you waste because you don’t know how to build high converting landing pages.

If you don’t know how to get enough quality, targeted traffic to your website, then Traffic Mastery training will teach you proven and tested methods to get that traffic. You will master banner ads, ppc, ppv, Facebook marketing, video marketing and much more. Website traffic shouldn’t be an issue for you anymore.

If you struggle to turn traffic into leads and leads into sales, whether you are selling affiliate products or your own products, then  Conversion Mastery will teach you the strategies, tactics and psychology that most successful online marketers are using in their businesses. You will learn how to separate yourself from the competition and build trust with your list.

If you are just starting online and in search of some quality training from successful mentors then the entire training materials in high traffic academy 2.0 will teach you how to become really good at selling products or services online.

Let me remind you that this product is for serious people who realize the importance of understanding how online marketing works.

This is not a “get rich quick” training with “push button, make money” software. You will need to work, learn and most importantly implement the knowledge into your business. By doing so you will be able to get great results.

Pros and Cons of HTA 2.0

Here’s what you may like or dislike about High Traffic Academy 2.

The Bad Points

  • There could be more training about SEO. I’m not sure what  direction High Traffic Academy training will go in the future, but right now there is not enough material inside the members area for someone who wants to learn SEO from scratch (beginners). Some kind of training “from newbie to SEO pro” would be a really great addition to this product.
  • You need money to start. Some people don’t like the idea of spending more money after they buy a product, that’s why I’m mentioning this here. You will need to spend some money to make money. The range is between $5-$1,000. I recommend that you  start with a small investment and when you will feel comfortable and already have  good results, then invest more.
  • To get the latest, hot, tested traffic methods you will need to become an HTA 2.0 ELITE member which costs $297/month. A lot of people won’t be able to afford this, so they don’t get the latest traffic methods that they can use in their business. ELITE level is so expensive because Vick spends a lot of money, over $100,000/month, to find and test the latest, best advertising techniques and profitable traffic methods. That’s why he is sharing his sources and results only with ELITE members.


The Good Points

  • High Traffic Academy 2 offers high -quality website traffic and conversion training with step-by-step video tutorials. Methods and strategies are explained in detail. The whole training doesn’t just include some theory, but tested and proven methods that actually work. Vick and other mentors inside HTA 2 are personally using these methods for their online businesses. You get access to some of the most advanced online marketing strategies.
  • Besides valuable traffic and conversion training, you get also access to software that can save you hundreds of hours. You can build your own landing pages in minutes, you get access to a simple tracking tool and the URL Scraper that can save you hundreds of hours.
  • I’m sure that there will be a lot of “aha” moments for those who don’t know why their traffic or landing page doesn’t convert well. Every important step that maximizes conversion results is explained in detail.
  • Practical examples from the top earners in internet marketing industry.
  • Access to live webinars about the latest, best online marketing strategies (only ELITE members.)


How much does High Traffic Academy cost?

The regular price for High Traffic Academy 2.0 is $1,997, but you can get the product for $497 (through 75% discount link). If you  decide to upgrade your membership to ELITE level, then you will pay $1 (trial) for the first month and then $297/month.

In a nutshell, HTA cost $497 for the main training, and $297/month for the  ELITE membership. You are covered by a 30 -day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if you find out that this product maybe doesn’t help your business as much as you thought it would.

Are there any additional costs?

If you don’t already have your own domain name, web hosting and auto responder, then you will need to buy all that.  All together that will cost you less than $20/month.

There are some paid online tools recommended inside HTA 2.0 that can help you save time and help automate your online business, but it is up to you if you  want to buy them or not. They are not crucial for you to start implementing  what you will learn. You can buy them later on when you will earn enough money and you will be able to afford them.

You will spend the most money on web traffic, that’s why it’s so important that you create a highly converting landing page, so that you will not waste your money. You will learn how to do that in HTA 2.0 Capture Mastery.

For traffic sources mentioned in High Traffic Academy 2.0, you can spend anywhere from $5 to $1,000/campaign. You will have full control over your budget. Remember, start small and then raise your budget if results are good.

How Do you get my High Traffic Academy 2.0 bonus?

If you  decide to buy HTA 2 and do that through my affiliate link, then I will give you (besides 75% discount of the regular price) my special high traffic academy bonus pack. For more information go to this page.

FAQ about High Traffic Academy

To find answers to most frequently asked questions please check  High Traffic Academy’s  FAQ page.

Last Word

I really hope that my high traffic academy 2.0 review gave you answers to all of your pressing questions. I know that nowadays it is hard to  separate good products from bad products until you buy them.

If you look past all the hype that you  find on the internet about this product, what you have here is a comprehensive package with quality training on how to create successful online business that completely over delivers. If you  take action, you will be able to reap great results.

If you still have questions, please contact me or leave a comment below.

I wish you a lot of success with your online business and please, feel free to let me know how you are doing online.

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High Traffic Academy 2.0

High Traffic Academy 2.0

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        • Easy to follow video training
        • Helpful software
        • Traffic methods that work
        • For beginners and pros
        • Strategies from most successful online marketers


        • Mostly paid traffic methods
        • Only 1 module about SEO

        18 thoughts on “High Traffic Academy 2.0 Review & Bonus

        1. Tony

          Nice review!

          I must say that this is the most thorough review site that I’ve seen for this product… Nice work!

          Do you offer coaching to the people that sign up with you?

          If so, how much mentoring do you offer?

          I’m thinking about signing up for the main course, and skipping the $297 coaching, at least until I start making some money with it.

          Would you recommend doing it this way?

          I want to start small, and slowly grow into this course…

          Please advise,

          Tony Websmith

          1. Dejan Post author

            Hi Tony

            Thanks for your kind comment!

            Right now I don’t offer coaching to the people who sign up with me. Maybe will do in the future… However, I do offer additional HQ (video) training to everyone who sings up through me. You can find more details about my bonus training on this page.

            I must say that you are thinking very smartly about buying the main course first, testing and implementing HTA 2.0 strategies into your work and then (later) becoming ELITE member. You will save some money on the beginning (although the Elite membership for the first month costs only $1), but more importantly, you will slowly grow your business while building strong foundation.

            I would do the same like you. Start slow, test and if the results are good, than scale like crazy 🙂

        2. Tony

          Wow what a totally unbiased review of HTA. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have stumbled upon it.

          1. Dejan Post author

            Thanks Tony.

            I hope that you found answers to all of your questions. You can always contact me if you need more details about High Traffic Academy.

        3. Tony

          And how convenient my last comment is awaiting moderation the same as this one will be.

          I will post my own review once we have joined.

        4. Jim Rohn


          You may know that Vick has opened the door of HTA to public and shared video #2 on HTA main page. I have a question. Is he psychologically going to sell these stuff in the end of the these video series? If the answer is YES, what difference would be between these and those stuff?

          1. Dejan Post author

            Hi Jim

            You are probably talking about video #2 in Total Domination Engineering video series, because the doors to HTA are still closed…

            Three videos in the series are already online and they all include great content. These videos are also pre-launch videos to HTA.

            Total Domination Engineering (TDE) isn’t High Traffic Academy 2.0.

            I hope I answered to your question. If you need more info just contact me and I will respond asap.

        5. Tony

          I clicked on the 75% discount link but it gives the full price of $1997 instead of $497. Can you also tell me the difference between Total Domination Series and High Traffic Academy? Also is PPC Mastery a part of High Traffic Academy? I am a little confused.

          Thank you.

          1. Dejan Post author

            Hi Tony
            You can try to get discount through one of these two links:



            You will get at least 50% (if not 75%) discount

            Total Domination Series is part of High Traffic Academy. TDE actually presents the training in HTA.

            PPC Mastery is individual product offered by HTA. You have two options. You can buy only PPC Mastery training or you become HTA Master Marketer member and get access to all individual products in HTA. You can find more details in my latest review here: http://www.highwebsitetraffictips.com

            I hope this helps. If you have some other questions please let me know.

        6. Pashelle

          Ive been following High Traffic Academy for a few days now. I LOVE his teaching methods and all. I read your review and you did great! Now Id like to know a little about your personal experience and results so far? I know it will motivate alot of people, including myself

          1. Dejan Post author

            Hi Pashelle

            I’m going through Project Breakthrough right now. I intend to share my experiences in the next 2 weeks. Also I will update this review very soon, because a lot of new material was added lately in the members area.

            I’m glad to hear that you like the training. How far are you with the training?


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