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Tracker123 is an online tracking tool that can track the conversion rate of your landing pages and sales pages. It is included in the main High Traffic Academy 2.0 training alongside other tools.

I will share with you my experiences using this tool and show you how you and your online business can benefit from using it.

How can Tracker123 help you?

When you drive traffic to your landing page, you don’t want to spend more money than you need to for your traffic sources. To avoid this, you must optimize your landing page so that you get the best possible conversion results. This will make it possible to be able to convert the most visitors into subscribers or potential customers.

To optimize your landing page, you must do some tests. Here’s an example:

You create three different landing pages (with different images, colours, design, text, etc.). Then you create a tracking link and paste it into all three landing pages. Don’t worry if it sounds too technical, because it isn’t and I will show you how easy it is just in a minute.

That tracking code will now track how many visitors that each landing page has converted into subscribers. You will very soon see which landing page converts best and that will be your “winner.” You will then start sending all your traffic to the best converting landing page and stop leaving money on the table.

Tracker123 can make your tracking process super easy because is very simple to use and gives you the most important data. Here’s how you can use it.

Tracker123 step-by-step tutorial

Setting up Tracker123 takes about 2 minutes. To start a new campaign you click on “Add New.”

In  the field “General Title,” you write the name of your “tracking campaign.”

In fields “Links” you paste links of your different landing pages. You can split test as many landing pages as you want.

When you are done, click on “Submit Links” and a new tracking campaign will be created.

One tracking link for all

You now have a new campaign which will track your traffic through one link for all of your landing pages. Now,  let’s see what Tracker123 can do for you:

  1. First, you will get a track link that will track all of your traffic. Each source of traffic will be equally divided between your landing pages. For example: You have 3 landing pages and if you send 1,000 visitors through your tracking link it will send 333 visitors to each landing page.
  2. You will see how many visitors opted in. Tracker123 creates special “thank you page code” that you paste in your thank you page or the page that visitors are redirected to after they opt-in. This allows the software to track how many visitors opted-in.
  3. You will see how many unique visitors visited each of the landing pages.
  4. You will see an opt-in percentage for each of the landing pages.

Tracker123 data

That’s how you will see which landing page is performing better and you will drive your traffic to that page. You can also use Tracker123  for sales pages.

The Bad Points

  • Tracker123 doesn’t have more advanced features like tracking visitors location, where clicks originate from, etc. It also doesn’t offer daily, weekly, or monthly reports like some of the best online tracking tools from professional companies. However, this tool will give you enough information to see how good your landing pages and sales pages are converting traffic into customers.

The Good Points

  • No monthly fees. You pay once and you get Tracker123 for a lifetime.
  • Can be very easily integrated within Easy Landing Page Pro.
  • Extremely easy to use and to integrate into landing pages and sales pages.

Last Word

Tracker123 is a simple, but very effective tool and will definitely help you to increase your opt-in conversion rate. It gives you very important data so that you can optimize your landing pages and get more subscribers for the same amount of money.

If you want to build your list, but don’t yet use any tracking software, then this is a great opportunity to get the most for your investment. Tracker123 is  included in the High Traffic Academy 2.0 training, which means that you get this software with special video training about website traffic and conversion.

If you have any questions, please contact me or leave a comment below.

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          11 thoughts on “Tracker123 Review and Tutorial

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          2. ahmed nashir

            Dear Vick,
            My name is Ahmed Nashir I am big fan of your.
            I have watched most of your videos, like try your Tracker 123 and easy URL scraper and also like say Thank you

            1. Dejan Post author

              Hi Ahmed

              Yes, Vick is great guy and an awesome mentor. It’s great to hear that you like his training videos. I hope you have already seen his latest training on how to dominate any market. You can watch his videos (and later get access to Easy URL Scraper and Tracker 123) on this page.

          3. salma

            i dont know how to download tracker123 please help me vicks i watched your videos but dont have an account in hyper tracker so you did say about bud url but i dont understand how to use destination url please help.

            1. Dejan Post author

              Hi Salma

              You must login into your HTA account to access tracker123. You can’t download the software because it is online tool.

          4. Loura

            hi may i know why google keyword tool is not working in 20016 ?if there have any alternative for it ? please reply me soon im waiting for your reply

            1. Dejan Post author

              Hi Loura

              Google has changed the name from Google keyword tool to Google Keyword Planner. So, just type into Google “keyword planner” and the first link will direct you to the tool.


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